Who Can Enroll?

Who Can Enroll?

School Children (Gr1-Gr12)

Studio Cha takes students between the ages of Grade 1 to Grade 12 for singing coaching. If your child has a passion for cultural activities and singing, there is no better place than Studio Cha! Here all our children love singing and in most cases it is their primary extracurricular activity. If your child feels very serious about developing his/her singing talent and is possibly considering a career in the music industry, there is no better place than Studio Cha! And please don't think distance is a problem - our students come from far (Ellisras, Groblersdal, Secunda and Botswana!) for singing lessons at Studio Cha.


Young Adults (18-30 yrs)

At Studio Cha, we are very excited about the standard and quality delivered by our young adult students. There are usually two types of adult students knocking on Studio Cha's door:

• The adult student who works full time but still has a love and passion for singing. These adults do not necessarily dream of a career in the industry, but want to set a new challenge and achieve personal goals.
• The adult student who has a singing career in mind. These young adults dream of a career in the music industry and many of them are already active artists.


Professional / Established Artists

Over the years, Studio Cha has been pleased to help professional artists who are already established in the music industry with further voice technique and development. Here, the focus is largely on the overall health and fitness of the voice. Technique is sharpened to cancel all possible tensions on the voice. Services include:

  • Further voice and technique development.
  • Polishing of repertoire for commercial performances / theater productions.
  • Rehearsing vocals before recording an album.
  • Rehearsing repertoire for auditions.