Why Studio Cha?

Why Studio Cha?

In Pretoria there are more than 50+ singing coaches and singing studios/schools to choose from. Choosing the right coach or institution may seem like a difficult task. Here are the main reasons why Studio Cha stands out:


Quality Coaching

Studio Cha's greatest feature is the quality of the coaching compared to other singing studios/schools. At Studio Cha, the focus is not on numbers and quantity - but on the vocal quality of each individual student. In many cases, this quality of Studio Cha is the main reason why students are considering changing studios. Students sometimes reach a "ceiling" in terms of their growth and are then looking for the next level of training - Studio Cha is this next level.

Studio Cha has been awarded the following awards and speaks of our quality:

  • 7 times winner of best overall studio at Pretoria Eisteddfod
  • 7 times winner of the best studio at Garsfontein Kunstefees
  • 5 times winner of best overall studio in Tshwane at the National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) of SA
  • 3 times winner of the best studio at Kraal Kunstefees
  • 1 time winner of best overall studio at Music Legends Championships
  • Number 2 on the Top 10 of overall Institutions in the Northern Region of the National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) of SA
  • Top 3 Best Training Studios at Talent Africa

We do not use our coach's “fame” or personal status/profiles at all to promote the Studio Cha brand. We have enough confidence in the quality of our work and our products. The studio's results are a testament to the quality of coaching provided.


An Exclusive Focus on Students

During 2020, Studio Cha celebrates its 20th anniversary. The studio was founded in 2000 with the primary goal of developing young singing talent. And for no other purpose. At Studio Cha, our students are our primary focus. Not our (coaches) own singing careers. In today's times it is so easy to open a singing studio/school or to market yourself as a vocal coach. In your search for a studio/school, consider the main reason why the institution exists. At Studio Cha, it is the original mission that drives us as coaches. Our intention is pure and clear - we want to develop singing talent because it has been our passion and love for the past 20 years, and still is for the next 20 years! For Studio Cha coaches vocal coaching is a passion.


A Network of Professionals

We feel very strongly about the fact that Studio Cha does not rest on one individual / coach's shoulders. It is a team effort and a combination of different talents, skills and networks. At Studio Cha, students enjoy free access, not only to their own coach, but also to the knowledge and experience of the rest of the team. A climate for optimal development is created and students are encouraged to grow.



At Studio Cha, we create opportunities for our students. The Studio Cha experience consists of more than just a weekly singing lesson. The Studio Cha products are elaborated curricula for the year that comprise a combination of different experiences and exposure opportunities. We firmly believe that it is precisely this process that makes Studio Cha students grow exponentially faster compared to other singing studios/schools.


A Family of Singers

Studio Cha creates a team driven environment where students feel they "belong". Unique to Studio Cha is the “family” culture where parents and students do not experience each other as direct competition. On the contrary, our students actively support each other at singing events / competitions and give each other the privilege of performing well. This supportive culture makes Studio Cha an ideal environment for the positive development of each student's self-esteem and self-confidence. Here students are built up; not broken down.


Unique Focus on Artist Development

It is good if a student can sing and perform beautifully at the local Eisteddfod. But then what? Studio Cha provides the next step to being a full-fledged artist. Our curriculum is designed to not only produce singers, but artists who can write their own songs, play an instrument and actively engage in building a singing career. Students receive all of these skills under the mentorship and guidance of the Studio Cha experienced team of coaches. Studio Cha helps build the bridge to the industry.