Maryna Holtzhausen

Maryna Holtzhausen

Maryna Holtzhausen

Branch Manager (Maragon), Vocal Coach, Groups & Instrumental Coach


  • Maryna was born 3 July 1994 in Pretoria. She spent her school years in Bloemfontein at CNN Oranje Girls School. Her singing was inspired through the Drakensberg Boys Choir where her brother went to school.

  • In 2008 she formed a singing group with her brother and sister under the guidance of Philip Kotze’s singing school. They called themselves “Die KanNonne” – Waldo is “die Kan” (the Can) and the 2 sisters “die Nonne” (the Nuns). They also practiced their talents together at their church, AFM. Her passion for worship started here.

  • Maryna decided to spread her wings in her solo singing. In her matric year (2012) her first golden opportunity came where she signed a contract with Pacofs at the States Theatre.

  • In her first year she did a ministry year in Pretoria (Metamorpho at Doxa Deo). She remained in Pretoria and received singing lessons for 2-years at Chris Coetzer, during her part-time studies. In 2017 she received her BTh-graduate (Theology).

Studio Cha: 

  • From 2015 to 2017 Maryna got singing lessons at Studio Cha with Coach Carlé Weber. She also got Song writing from her vocal coach, as well as from Nathan Mowatt and Jaco Britz.

  • In 2017 Maryna officially joined the Studio Cha team as a permanent coach in singing, group singing, song writing and piano.

  • Maryna enjoys the dynamic differences of each student’s talents and personalities. As well to learn and to grow together. For her it is a great privilege to be part of laying the foundation for a lot of her students and Maryna takes the responsibility serious in this regard.

  • Studio Cha’s vision and mission is in accord with what Maryna believes – to invest in students’ potential and talents and to develop them to their best abilities.

Special Awards, Prizes and Opportunities:

  • In her matric year, Maryna received Unisa Grade 5 in Piano Theory and Practical.

  • Maryna is since 2015, part of the Afrikaans Gospel group, “Onbeskaamd”.

  • Maryna was part of the Top 12 singers on the KykNet TV-program “Maak My Famous” of Emo Adams (2019).

  • In 2016, Maryna was the overall winner of the ‘Sprei jou Vlerke’-competition.

  • Maryna achieved the following in these competitions (2017):

    • The overall winner of the ‘Oos-Rand Kunstefees’.

    • The best song writer in the ‘Angel Music Studio Productions’-competition.

    • She ended 6th out of thousand participants in the ‘National Copperstone Talent Search’-competition.

    • Participation in the “International Arts Talent Showcase”.

  • Maryna have performed at several Afrikaans festivals since 2016. Some are: KKNK RSG stage, “Jakaranda Liggiesfees”, “Wonderliggiefees”, “Harties Oewerfees”, Franna Benade’s ‘Gospelsangfees’, Gerhard Steyn’s ‘Klippiesfees’ with Onbeskaamd, Transoranje, Meatfest, Wollies, Proteafest, Cullifest, Zoerdoef and “Nyliefees”.

  • Maryna has played the following lead roles with singing in the following 2017 productions: ‘Hoopvol Afrikaans’ (a Doxa Deo-production) and ‘Cheddar & Gouda in Bethlehem’ (a Christmas-production).

  • On 31 December 2017 she facilitated the end-year-service at ATKV Drakensville with Scripture and Singing.

  • Maryna has had radio interviews on Groot FM, Pretoria FM, Coastal Radio and Radio Pulpit (2018-19). Some of her own compositions also features on Groot FM, Pretoria FM and Coastal Radio FM and she performed at the Songwriter’s Society. ‘Heers in my’ and ‘A lavender aisle’ is available on various platforms.

  • In 2019 she opened for the group, “Manne wat glo”.

  • Maryna is one of the backing vocals on the album “Complete” of Revelation Enterprises (2019). She enjoys it to spend time in the studio.

Other interests: 

  • Maryna is a Worship leader at Doxa Deo Raslouw Campus. Worship is a big passion for her.


  • Maryna is happily married to Wouter Holtzhausen since 24 March 2018.