Carlé Weber

Carlé Weber

Carlé Weber

Co-owner, Branch Owner (Centurion, Wierda Park), Vocal Coach & Songwriter


  • Carlé was born on 7 April 1982 in Pretoria. From the young age of four years, she started participating in Eisteddfods for the first time with the guidance of her mother. The critique was that she was beautifully on the note, but that the pianist needed to practice a bit more. From there on she kept singing as a soloist at Bakenkop Primary School in various school productions and competitions.

  • As a high school learner she continued singing and there she found and developed her love for music and singing. She participated in many competitions such as: “Reik na die Sterre”; Tehila; and in 2000 she was announced the overall winner at “Pretoria Beeld Eisteddfod”.

  • Carlé also performed in a singing group De Ja Vu, alongside Chantalle. Never did the two of them dream that they would one day become partners and build the dream that is Studio Cha.

Studio Cha: 

  • In 2005 Carlé actively started teaching as a vocal trainer, and in 2007 she joined the Studio Cha team as a teacher. She’s never had to look back for a second.

  • They say that teaching is rewarding, and Carlé enjoys every single moment of her vocal training, because of the fact that the children and amateur singers who join Studio Cha already have a great passion and love for music. For her, that makes it the best job in the world, because the passion and love for music is already there. To look back on a year and witness the growth that a student, who has worked hard, has achieved is so rewarding, and that is why she loves what she does.

Special Awards, Prizes and Opportunities: 

  • Carlé started studying Education at the University of Pretoria, directly after she finished with high school. She chose this direction because of her love for young people and children, she’s always dreamt of becoming a vocal teacher or a music teacher.

  • During this time she surrounded herself with musicians and started performing and doing sessions for various studios. She also decided to write her very first song and entered it into the national Afrikaans song writing competition, ATKV Crescendo. She walked away as the winner in 2005 with her song, “Vyfster Suicide Hotel”. With the guidance of Joe Niemand she recorded her debut album, entitled “Vyfster Suicide Hotel”. Gallo Music took on the marketing and distribution of this album. She made a big uproar with young Afrikaans teenagers, with her young approach to Afrikaans and the rebellion of teenagers. Her videos (“Nog reëls asb!” and “Iemand het jou naam”) was seen on the likes of MK, Kyknet and SABC. She performed on television programmes, with her band, on various occasions, such as: Studio 1AMP, and Kwêla.

  • In 2007 her debut album was nominated for a SAMA under the category of “Afrikaanse ROCK”. Her songs also appeared on various compilation albums, such as “MK1” and “MK2”, “Rock Revolusie” and “Crescendo Sterre”.

  • From 2009 till today, she recorded songs as a duet guest artist for many different artists: Ruhan du Toit, Snotkop, Adam Tas, Dewald Gouws, Beeskraal, and Dewald Louw. All of these songs can be heard on their albums. She also recorded the love song, “By Jou” for the Afrikaans film “Bakgat”, and she is the singing voice of the actress Tanarie, who played the leading role in “Hond se dinges”.

  • Because of the fact that music stretches over a wide spectrum, it enabled Carlé to constantly excel as a backing vocalist for artists and studios. She has done backing vocal work on the albums of the following artists: Riana Nel, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Kurt Darren, Karlien van Jaarsveld, Dewald Wasserfall, Lianie en Jay, Gerhard Steyn, Andriette and Nicholis Louw.

  • As a songwriter she has written many songs for artists such as: Corlea, Heinz Winckler, Sarah Theron, Dewald Louw, Dewald Gouws, Pieter Smith and many more.

  • She has been a part of many/various projects and bands and festival productions over the span of her career.

  • In 2013 she decided to participate in the South African IDOLS and progressed to the Top 8 ladies before exiting the competition.

  • Another highlight of her song writing and singing career was when she placed 3rd in the national Kyk-Net program “Afri-Visie” with “Sing my aan die slaap”. A song she and Joe Foster co-wrote.

  • She judged numerous national competitions such as, Sing in Harmonie, Uitblinkers and in 2019 she was part of the main judging panel for the Pretoria FM music awards, “AITSA Musiek toekennings”.

  • In 2018-2019 she featured as duet partner on Adam Tas and Ruhan du Toit from Touch of class’ albums.

  • Carlé also joined the worship team at Doxa Deo Raslouw in 2019, where her love for the Lord and gospel music can be heard.

  • 2020 will be a new start for Carlé as soloist, where she plans to release a few long overdue singles.

Personal Interests: 

  • Carlé is married to Johan Weber. Together they share the joy that is their son, Jayden Luke, and daughter Jamie Zia. They currently live in Centurion, Pretoria.