Chandré Engelbrecht

Chandré Engelbrecht

Chandré Engelbrecht

Vocal Coach


  • Chandré was born on the 1st of September, 1999 in Centurion, Pretoria.

  • Chandré was in Hennopspark Primary School where she participated and had a passion for various cultural activities, including revue and choir, from an early age and her passion for singing began to develop through the revue.

  • She began receiving informal singing lessons from grade 4. She also received several singing awards during her time at Hennopspark Primary School, such as the Senior Cultural Girl's Trophy.

  • Chandré joined Zwartkop High School where she further developed and practiced her singing. She participated in several of the cultural activities and productions and had one of the main solo singing roles in the revue.

  • Chandré won the trophy for Zwartkop High School Best Junior Soloist as well as Best Senior Soloist during her time there and has received Honor Colors for Singing from grade 8-12.

  • Chandré was on the NEA (Nastional Academy Eisteddfod) Top 10 for several years and won the 2015 Prestige Award for Overall Best Senior Performer Contemporary Music.

  • In 2016, Chandré participated in Talent Africa where she was among the Top 10, and was also selected to represent South Africa in New York.

  • Chandré also participated in SATCH (South African Talent National Championships) for several years where she was named one of the Top 10 in 2016 and was elected to represent South Africa at AMTC in Orlando for 5 consecutive years.

  • In 2016, Chandré was selected with Beate Els to be part of SATCH (South African Talent National Championships) Showcase evening for their duets. In 2017, they were also the winners for duets of the Kraal Arts Festival and Beeld Eistedfod.

Studio Cha:

  • Chandré joined Studio Cha in 2012 when she was grade 6 and received vocal training from Nica Schutze and joined as a coach in 2019.

  • Chandré enjoys being part of the Studio Cha team, I have been part of Studio Cha for 10 years now and can proudly say that everyone who is part of the team has been like family and mentors to me.

  • From a young age, Chandré has had a passion for singing and hopes to soon release her own single, as well as one day releasing her own album and making a career of singing.

Special Awards, Prizes and Opportunities:

  • Chandré placed 2nd in the Kraal Arts Festival's Top 10 in 2017.

  • She was also named the Grade 12 Soloist at Garsfontein Arts Festival and won the Own Composition Senior section with her and Nathan Mowatt's own composition “Tidal Wave”.

  • Chandré was named one of the Top 10 of SATCH in 2016 and was elected to represent South Africa at AMTC, Orlando, for 5 consecutive years.

  • Chandré opened for singer Loki Rothman several times during 2017 as well as Hiram Koopman.

  • Chandré has her Grade 2 Unisa in music.

  • In her matric year, 2017, Chandré had the opportunity to be part of Just Music record company's "Accoustic Sessions" CD, with one of her and Jaco Britz's own compositions "Step by step".

Other Interests:

  • Chandré has always wanted to work with people, and is therefore very interested in psychology and education.
  • That is why she has chosen to move into the education industry where she can work with children of all ages and is now in the process of obtaining her degree in BEd Senior Phase and FET.

Personal Interests:

  • Chandré currently lives in Brooklyn, Pretoria while completing her degree in BEd Senior Phase and FET and majoring in the subjects Business studies and English.